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The bright Future Through The Correct Way

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Uplifting The Living Standard of The Division Through The Efficient, Everlasting and Planned process Of Developments With The Self-Governance Of The Public, Resource Management For Offering The Service As For The policies Of The Governments.

Information related to Galenbindunuwewa Divisional Secretariat

North - Kahatagasdigiliya Divisional Secretariat and Horowpathana Divisional SecretariatEast - Trincomalee District Boundary

East - Trincomalee District Boundary

West - Mihintale Divisional Secretariat and Thirappane Divisional Secretariat

South - Kekirawa Divisional Secretariat and Mihintale Divisional Secretariat

   The Huruluwewa Agrarian Development Movement which was inaugurated by Prime Minister D.S. Senanayake in 1953, is one of the oldest farmer colonial enterprises in the area. Its main city is Galenbindunuwewa and recently Dutuwewa and Yakkala have been developed as small towns. Galenbindunuwewa town is about 42 km from Anuradhapura. The Galenbindunuwewa Divisional Secretariat first started as an administrative institution is done in the old building which is today a new administrative building Since then, the two- floors building has been built recently and the office is being maintained.

Role performed at DS

Name From To
W. Gunarathna 1975 1980
Siripala Kanewela 1980 1987
A.M.W.A. Amunugama 1988 1990
M. Jayathilaka 1990 1992
Sunil Thilakarathna 1992 1994
A.N. De Soysa 1994 1995
K. Karunathilaka 1995 1996
H.R. Sirilal(Acting) 1996.06.12 -
M.D. Gunawansa 1996.11.1 2001.05.30
E.M.N. Ekanayaka 2001.10.24 2003.09.26
E.M.W.A. Amunugama 2003.09.27 2006.02.20
P.D.L. Gunarathna 2006.02.28  2013.02.04
N.H.R. Nishantha(Acting) 2013.02.05 2013.03.06
Magrat P.Kumburage 2013.03.06  2019.03.01
G.M.K.R.Priyadarshana 2019.06.14 Up to Now

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